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About BCNewt Hosting: from coworking community to software company

By May 13th, 2024No Comments4 min read


BCNewt Coworking is founded in Barcelona by Gustavo Franco


Office space doubles up to 350m2


Relevant companies of the Barcelona startup ecosystem have been members of BCNewt, such as Glovo or Typeform.


Coronavirus reduces use of physical space and accelerates digitization


Closing of the physical coworking space


BCNewt Hosting OÜ is created by Gustavo Franco and Fabio Zichittella to support SMEs in their digital journey with fully sustainable data centers.

It all started as a small community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads in an old industrial building in the industrial area of Poblenou in Barcelona. The area is also known as 22@ or the technological innovation district. Startups and conventional companies coexist here.

The term coworking was just starting to catch on in 2014.

Software has always been a livelihood for more than half of the members of this community. Many of them were digital nomads from all over the world, who came to Barcelona attracted by its creative atmosphere, in search of cosmopolitan inspiration.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the physical spaces where people interacted lost relevance, leading to the closure of the coworking space in October 2022. At the same time, there was a great acceleration of digitalization in all economic activities.

It was in this context that BCNewt Hosting was created.

A community allows its members to share knowledge. Thus, the first lesson learned during this first stage was that an entrepreneur learns better and more when he shares his mistakes and successes with other entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

BCNewt Hosting maintains this philosophy.

In a digital economy dominated by large Internet multinationals, which usually suffer from a limited sensitivity to the reality of small entrepreneurs, the new value proposition of web hosting and digital solutions is to offer a service closer to their needs.

Digital solutions for SMEs

With this idea in mind, Gustavo Franco and Fabio Zichitella decided to create BCNewt Hosting OÜ. The partners of this new project, who having shared workspaces at BCNewt Coworking for years, complemented each other’s professional skills.

The former, with his experience in business management, digital design, marketing, journalism and low-code programming; the latter, a full stack developer, with a solid set of skills covering both backend and frontend development, with a focus on technologies such as Java, Spring and Angular, relational (SQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) databases.

Around the world, many SMEs are still struggling to integrate digitalization into their businesses.

Cloud computing services were used by 41% of EU companies in 2021, with a higher percentage of large companies (72%) than SMEs (40%), according to a report by the World Economic Forum.

What is your obstacle to digitizing your business?

Tell us about your challenges, we want to know where you have failed, but also where you have succeeded, so that we can make proposals:

  • We analyze your technology spending
  • We suggest economic efficiency improvements
  • We offer modern digital tools
  • We train your team to master new technologies

Sustainability for your digitization

The BCNewt coworking community was dedicated in its early years to promoting sustainability. Through the use of reused materials, as well as support for projects committed to reducing the carbon footprint, was its differentiating element.

Sustainability goes far beyond composting.

In recent years, trends such as energy efficiency and low consumption of fossil fuels have emerged. For this reason, BCNewt Hosting aligned its technological strategy with its founding values.

Our data centers purchase certified green energy from a variety of sources, including wind, hydro and solar.

Data centers, fiber optic networks, the connected devices in our hands, all consume electricity and, in turn, produce carbon emissions.

BCNewt Hosting ‘s data centers implement innovative technologies for temperature management, such as groundwater cooling systems. Just a few energy-efficient pumps are enough to reliably cool an entire data center year-round.

Last but not least, we advise BCNewt Hosting users on the best way to reduce their carbon footprint in the very development of their digital services.

Yes, websites have a carbon footprint.